Real-Time Government Logistics Database

NSN Center maintains the most advanced commercial database of government supply chain information. State-of-the-Art servers process over 2 Petabytes of raw information in real-time from over 120 Governments to provide unrivaled multi-dimensional analysis of Government Supply Chains and Procurement Practices worldwide.

Supply Chain Consultancy

NSN Center has consulted to numerous nations and corporate clients regarding Supply Chain efficiency and trends resulting in significant economic and efficiency impact.

Defence Services and Assistance

NSN Center performs on-site support services such as Fleet RESET, Maintenance, and Supply Chain Management. We can provide “Boots-On-The-Ground” technical assistance and have more than 100 qualified personnel readily deployable.

RESET Program Track Record & Quality

 100% Quality Rating with NATO

NSN has performed multiple $multi-million RESET contracts with various countries.

After Sales Support

 24/7 Technical Support to Contracted Customers

Support Services include Contracted Inventory Support, Updated Technical Publications, Fleet Preventative Maintenance, and Warranty.


NSN has provided many countries with vehicles and services and is regarded as an authority on the M109 Series, HMMWV, M35, M800, M936 Family, FMTV, M60, and the M88.

Tom Evans

VP of Operations

With more than 25 years of honorable military service and management experience, Tom brings to the NSN Team empowerment, growth strategy, and intellectual capital while ensuring consistent deliverables well beyond expectations. His project management, hands-on leadership, and communication skills, including creativity, quick-wit, and operational ingenuity makes Tom a mission-critical asset to the Team.

Brittni Nunn

President and Founder

Brittni, as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, defines and implements the business strategies of NSN Center through her knowledge of government contracting and financial training.

Jason Nunn

CEO and Co-Founder

Formally trained by large Blue-Chip companies in management and business, combined with professional training in electronic/electrical and mechanical engineering, Jason is a dynamic executive and instrumental in developing several successful technologies, products, and companies.

Tony Rouston

VP of Sales

Tony has worked in the Defence Industry since 2006, has a passion for international business, and speaks fluent Arabic and some French. His vision of customer service ensures that our client’s experience is a stress-free and positive one, complete with diligence and professionalism. His detailed approach to transactions will ensure a smooth, efficient, and pleasant process.


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