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Details For NATO Supply Class 2543

No Details For NATO Supply Class 2543

NSG 2543 - Historical FSC
Details For NATO Supply Group 25

Note-The term "vehicular" as delimited for group 25, is applicable to those vehicles and tractors included in groups 23 and 24, construction vehicles included in group 38, and warehouse trucks, tractors, and trailers included in group 39. It does not apply to railway vehicles (group 22), aircraft (group 15), or watercraft (group 19). An item of supply which is a "vehicular" component, within the scope delimited above, is classified in this group regardless of whether it has additional applications on vehicles outside the delimitations for this group.

NATO Stock Numbers In NATO Supply Class 2543  (2 listings)
NSNPart NumberNCAGEName
2543-34-030-8564580571-6004YKNCAGE 004YK


    Alternate References: 2543-34-030-8564, 340308564

2543-34-030-8614529795-8004YKNCAGE 004YK


    Alternate References: 2543-34-030-8614, 340308614

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