NSC 5836

Video Recording and Reproducing Equipment

Details For NATO Supply Class 5836

Note-This class includes, and is restricted to electronic video equipment such as video monitors, televisions, cameras, printers and recorders/reproducers used with miscellaneous communication equipment. Also included is associated equipment such as cleaners, splicers, rewinders, reels and tapes designed for use with video recording-reproducing equipment. Excluded from the class is photographic type equipment (Group 67), ADP type computer monitors (Group 70), and video equipment which includes radio receivers/transmitters (properly classified in more specific classes in Group 58).

NSG 5836 - Video Recording and Reproducing Equipment
Details For NATO Supply Group 58

Note-Excludes oscillator items which should be classified in FSC 5955 or 5963; fiber optic items which should be classified in Group 60; electronic modules as defined under Class 5963; and electrical cable, cord and wire assemblies, harnesses and sets, related to FSG 58 equipment (see FSC 5995). In Group 58, more than in any other group, it frequently happens that the same name is listed as an index entry in each of several classes. In addition, that name may also appear as an entry in groups other than 58. Each such entry refers to a distinctly different part or assembly, even though the different items have the same name. The listing of the same names in two or more classes indicates that, in one form, the part or assembly covered by the name is applicable to the equipment covered by one class, and in another form is applicable to the equipment covered by another class. For example, the item name CODER, AUDIO FREQUENCY is applicable to two distinctly different assemblies, one of which has an application in cryptologic equipment, covered by Class 5810, and the other in radar equipment covered by Class 5840. Consequently the name CODER, AUDIO FREQUENCY is an entry under each of the two classes. When an item identification bears a name which is indexed under more than one class of Group 58, or in Group 58 and in some other group, the item will be classified in the same class as its next higher assembly in the manner described in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Procedures Manual, DoD 4100.39-M. Also excluded from this group are data transmission and communications equipment such as terminals, sensors and other devices designed for use with a configuration of ADPE.

NATO Stock Numbers In NATO Supply Class 5836  (50+ listings)
NSNPart NumberNCAGEName
5820-01-009-1090VO-1600S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5820-01-009-1090, 010091090

5836-00-009-2742MD40092739NCAGE 92739


    Alternate References: 5836-00-009-2742, 000092742

5836-00-081-98801066458618876NCAGE 18876


    Alternate References: 5836-00-081-9880, 000819880

5836-00-142-6229192398PC110001NCAGE 10001


    Alternate References: 5836-00-142-6229, 001426229

5836-00-148-8245VT3000GPS0631NCAGE S0631


    Alternate References: 5836-00-148-8245, 001488245

5836-00-148-8248VT1000ABS0631NCAGE S0631


    Alternate References: 5836-00-148-8248, 001488248

5836-00-282-2629361 1-2 2400R153B94961NCAGE 94961


    Alternate References: 5836-00-282-2629, 002822629

5836-00-283-5443AV3650S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-00-283-5443, 002835443

5836-00-283-5456IVC960CD4190C29641NCAGE 29641


    Alternate References: 5836-00-283-5456, 002835456

5836-00-286-4440UC4094961NCAGE 94961


    Alternate References: 5836-00-286-4440, 002864440

5836-00-309-6718IVC870C29641NCAGE 29641


    Alternate References: 5836-00-309-6718, 003096718

5836-00-403-7849AV8600S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-00-403-7849, 004037849

5836-00-483-3128AV3600S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-00-483-3128, 004833128

5836-00-489-9514VR510092739NCAGE 92739


    Alternate References: 5836-00-489-9514, 004899514

5836-00-495-6273360B1-1800R139C8794961NCAGE 94961


    Alternate References: 5836-00-495-6273, 004956273

5836-00-574-44461802452-0292739NCAGE 92739


    Alternate References: 5836-00-574-4446, 005744446

5836-00-854-9932222495810001NCAGE 10001


    Alternate References: 5836-00-854-9932, 008549932

5836-01-004-0521KC-1057280NCAGE 57280


    Alternate References: 5836-01-004-0521, 010040521

5836-01-004-2565187-KCA30S88068NCAGE 88068


    Alternate References: 5836-01-004-2565, 010042565

5836-01-005-7256V02850S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-005-7256, 010057256

5836-01-006-7933361-1-21200R148A94961NCAGE 94961


    Alternate References: 5836-01-006-7933, 010067933

5836-01-008-0848361-1-2150R1376381NCAGE 76381


    Alternate References: 5836-01-008-0848, 010080848

5836-01-014-5448VP2000S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-014-5448, 010145448

5836-01-015-1209800SMC29641NCAGE 29641


    Alternate References: 5836-01-015-1209, 010151209

5836-01-016-5976384AS19030003NCAGE 30003


    Alternate References: 5836-01-016-5976, 010165976

5836-01-021-127302200590-07029641NCAGE 29641


    Alternate References: 5836-01-021-1273, 010211273

5836-01-021-9669FV2805AMSTS19099NCAGE 19099


    Alternate References: 5836-01-021-9669, 010219669

5836-01-022-2453CR-6300US3915NCAGE S3915


    Alternate References: 5836-01-022-2453, 010222453

5836-01-022-2903V03800S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-022-2903, 010222903

5836-01-025-7891187-KCA60W92739NCAGE 92739


    Alternate References: 5836-01-025-7891, 010257891

5836-01-028-1103NV-302054473NCAGE 54473


    Alternate References: 5836-01-028-1103, 010281103

5836-01-029-4285KCA-6056472NCAGE 56472


    Alternate References: 5836-01-029-4285, 010294285

5836-01-031-7232AV-3400S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-031-7232, 010317232

5836-01-033-3459KCA-30S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-033-3459, 010333459

5836-01-034-2039KCS-2052246NCAGE 52246


    Alternate References: 5836-01-034-2039, 010342039

5836-01-034-3796V02800S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-034-3796, 010343796

5836-01-038-3267RD-453/GXQ80058NCAGE 80058


    Alternate References: 5836-01-038-3267, 010383267

5836-01-043-3870105591-62006481NCAGE 06481


    Alternate References: 5836-01-043-3870, 010433870

5836-01-045-1495197-BCS3028091NCAGE 28091


    Alternate References: 5836-01-045-1495, 010451495

5836-01-048-8276WRR-41154089NCAGE 54089


    Alternate References: 5836-01-048-8276, 010488276

5836-01-050-08282000709-196214NCAGE 96214


    Alternate References: 5836-01-050-0828, 010500828

5836-01-051-2886V-1000AB-RS0631NCAGE S0631


    Alternate References: 5836-01-051-2886, 010512886

5836-01-052-69522001660-196214NCAGE 96214


    Alternate References: 5836-01-052-6952, 010526952

5836-01-053-5729CP-5200US3915NCAGE S3915


    Alternate References: 5836-01-053-5729, 010535729

5836-01-057-7717KCA30BRS56472NCAGE 56472


    Alternate References: 5836-01-057-7717, 010577717

5836-01-059-6600MG80-9430-1031-651354NCAGE 51354


    Alternate References: 5836-01-059-6600, 010596600

5836-01-061-6681SLO-320S0482NCAGE S0482


    Alternate References: 5836-01-061-6681, 010616681

5836-01-061-6893NV-930054473NCAGE 54473


    Alternate References: 5836-01-061-6893, 010616893

5836-01-062-3039V1000AB-1S0631NCAGE S0631


    Alternate References: 5836-01-062-3039, 010623039

5836-01-062-5075XL500032141NCAGE 32141


    Alternate References: 5836-01-062-5075, 010625075

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