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Details For NATO Supply Class 5900

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NSG 5900 - Historical FSC
Details For NATO Supply Group 59

Note-Mounting hardware, included in classes of this group, includes such specially designed items as brackets, holders, retainers, etc. Excluded from classes in this group are such hardware items as screws (Class 5305), bolts (Class 5306), studs (Class 5307), washers (Class 5310), rivets (Class 5320), and other common items indexed to specific classes, other than in Group 59. The FSC indexes and structure will govern the classification of items used on or with mounting hardware cited above.

NATO Stock Numbers In NATO Supply Class 5900  (8 listings)
NSNPart NumberNCAGEName
5900-37-516-0070830304031237FNCAGE 1237F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-0070, 375160070

5900-37-516-2768830321092B79FNCAGE 2B79F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-2768, 375162768

5900-37-516-2770830321212B79FNCAGE 2B79F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-2770, 375162770

5900-37-516-4894830127532B79FNCAGE 2B79F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-4894, 375164894

5900-37-516-4973830129022B79FNCAGE 2B79F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-4973, 375164973

5900-37-516-7063910298154000FNCAGE 4000F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-7063, 375167063

5900-37-516-7064910298174000FNCAGE 4000F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-7064, 375167064

5900-37-516-7065910298194000FNCAGE 4000F


    Alternate References: 5900-37-516-7065, 375167065

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