NSC 9410

Crude Grades of Plant Materials

Details For NATO Supply Class 9410

Includes Flavoring Materials; Crude Drugs of Plant-Origin; Crude Materials for Perfume; Tobacco, Unmanufactured.

Details For NATO Supply Group 94

No Details For NATO Supply Group 94

NATO Stock Numbers In NATO Supply Class 9410  (4 listings)
NSN Part Number NCAGE Name
9410-01-191-9116 B7060 59896 NCAGE 59896


    Alternate References: 9410-01-191-9116, 011919116

9410-15-232-0726 BIG-SUPER 180/12 A4474 NCAGE A4474


    Alternate References: 9410-15-232-0726, 152320726

9410-98-203-9894 NZDFS-CLO-029/12/BLUE GREY BARA E0073 NCAGE E0073


    Alternate References: 9410-98-203-9894, 982039894

9410-00-292-9602 NCAGE



    Alternate References: 9410-00-292-9602, 002929602


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